Platform - UNC/UNC Medical Nonprofit Issue


The University of North Carolina (UNC) and its hospital enjoy non-profit status and as such are exempt from paying property taxes.  They've been buying properties, and with each purchase there becomes less tax paying property.  Geographically, UNC and UNC Hospital currently own 35% of the property in Chapel Hill. 

According to Council member Donna Bell:

  1. UNC has their own police service, so they don't pay Chapel Hill for police service.

  2. UNC has their own recycling program, so they don't pay Chapel Hill for recycling.

  3. UNC had been partners with Chapel Hill in trash pickup.

Bottom-line:  UNC doesn't get a totally free ride, but neither are they paying full fare.

(2014-9-11 Will Raymond) The combined property value of UNC and UNC medical is $ 6.8 billion.

Proposed Solution

Pursue limiting UNC's non-profit status. 

The Town should negotiate with UNC and UNC Healthcare to ensure that further acquisition of real estate in Chapel Hill is limited and that new acquisitions are accompanied by in-lieu of tax payment agreements.

See "Should Nonprofits Pay Property Taxes?" and "Squeezed Cities Ask Nonprofits for More Money".



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