Platform - Transparency


  • Chapel Hill citizens want their government business to be conducted in the daylight and for Town policies and decisions to be followed, unless they are changed by open processes.  Policy directions have been changed without open Council debate.

  • Any agreements between the Town staff and developers about potential projects should be fully disclosed to the public and subject to Council action before coming into effect.

  • Citizen requests for public records or letters of inquiry about Town business should be answered within a reasonable time.

  • Click here to read an August 20, 2014 column by Mark Schultz on the Mayor's Innovation Project (MIP).

  • Click here to read an ad that was placed by concerned citizens.  It was intended for mayors attending the MIP.

  • Council is having more and more work sessions - which are not videotaped and there is no opportunity for public comment.  They're not supposed to make decisions at work sessions, but they reach understandings.

Proposed Solutions


  1. Input from residents on various issues should be made easily accessible on the town website.

  2. Town Council members (not staff) should respond expeditiously to petitions and strong recommendations.



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