Platform - Stormwater

Do no harm:  Ensure that proposed new development does not create more flood damage risk.


  • Click here for pictures and stories on flooding.

  • A lot of development is planned for the upstream portion of the Booker Creek watershed:  Carolina North, Central West, Charterwood, the Courtyard, Southern Human Services on Homestead Road, and others.  This will add over 3 million square feet (70 acres) of impervious pavement surface.

  • Click here for a UNC web site entitled  "Water Quality & Quantity Impacts of Urban Form".  It's a fine series of papers which document what works and what doesn't.


Proposed Solutions

  1. Do a complete analysis of the Booker Creek watershed.

  2. Town needs to periodically remove fallen trees and trash from streams.

  3. Home owners need to help make Town aware of stream and sewer blockages.

  4. Bioswales.

  5. Consider following Raleigh's lead and buy up flood-prone properties and convert them into parks. 

  6. See this story.Private companies which provide flood protection (e.g. FloodSafe).

  7. The Town should follow the example of Raleigh and Greensboro to adopt future conditions flood plain mapping and use this information to guide growth.






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