Platform - Environment/Green space



  • High rise buildings are popping up everywhere ... dwarfing or displaying trees.

  • Ample green space isn't being added for new developments.

  • Neighborhood Conservation Districts (NCDs) are being challenged by the "Growth Machine".  They want to do away or trim them back to support more development.  Ditto for the Rural Buffer.


Proposed Solutions


  1. Chapel Hill should parallel new development with provisions for additional parks and public open spaces to assure the quality of life for future residents. Partnerships should be sought with relevant institutions and agencies (e.g., Triangle Land Conservancy, UNC).

  2. Preserve existing NCDs.  Work to create more NCDs.

  3. Preserve the Rural Buffer.

  4. Consider daylighting Booker Creek.  It passes under Eastgate Shopping Center.  Turn this into a park with density well back from the flood zone but centered around this space.  That's what San Antonio did and created a tourist attraction called Riverwalk. 

Staff Response: Stream daylighting with added riparian buffers and floodplain restoration has the potential to improve water quality and provide flood mitigation, as well as provide aesthetic and community interaction benefits.  The draft ordinance does not preclude, or otherwise impede the daylighting of Booker Creek.  However, there are many constraints to daylighting of urbanized streams. Many of those constraints are present in the area of the Shops at Eastgate. The constraints include finding a funding source to address the cost of land acquisition (daylighting would require demolition of a large portion of the Shops at Eastgate parking area and some of the buildings); excavation and construction costs (including the possible construction of a bridge); as well as addressing utility and traffic conflicts.



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