Platform - Cost-Benefit Analyses must be done


We've asked the Council and Town Staff to do financial analyses.  When they did one on Ephesus-Fordham (using misleading figures like citing Greenbridge as a comparable) it was found that EF wouldn't make any money for 20 years.  See this April 24, 2014 Town Council speech by John Morris.

Proposed Solutions


  1. Public finance is complex.  The Town government should provide data from which unit growth costs can be calculated via a spreadsheet.  For example, what's the average cost of school infrastructure per student, and how many new students will a new development introduce?  Do the same analysis for sewer, water, police, fire, roads, transit, stormwater, green space, and bike/pedestrian paths.

  2. Development impact fees should be assessed to ensure that new development will pay for infrastructure costs necessary to support it.



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