Ken Larsen's website - "Houston, we have a problem" - DOLRT ROMF issue

Houston is the only major city in the U.S. which has no zoning.  Their city codes do not address land use. 

Private homes can sit next to skyscrapers.  An adult book store might be built next to a school.  It's crazy.

GoTriangle wishes to impose some of this libertarian non-zoning madness in southwest Durham, NC.  They want to build a railroad maintenance facility (ROMF) across the street from an upscale retirement community called Culp Arbor.  Creekside Elementary school is less than a quarter mile away.

Click here for details on the ROMF.

To add to this zoning madness, DOLRT (Durham-Orange Light Rail line) will cross Farrington Road via an at-grade crossing instead of a bridge.  This will back up traffic on Farrington Road ... which is the road many parents and buses use to shuttle kids to and from Creekside Elementary school.  Parents are already flustered by heavy and tedious traffic at the intersection of Route 54 and I-40 exit 273A.  [details]

Conclusion:  The ROMF needs to be moved .. or, better yet, scuttle the whole DOLRT project [details].


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