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Here are six reasons why I endorse Hongbin Gu for Chapel Hill Town Council in 2017:

  1. She has an analytical mind. 

  2. She cares about doing what is best for all the residents of Chapel Hill. 

  3. She believes in "balanced thinking".  She is a scientist, and that's what scientists do.  They carefully weigh all sides of an issue before deciding how best to proceed.  They don't make hasty decisions based on partial input.

  4. She is hard working.  She has come up to speed incredibly fast on learning the issues which conflront Chapel Hill ... speaking with a wide variety of people.

  5. She is not beholden to special interests such as developers.

  6. She is a fervant supporter of unity and community, needed in these troubled times.


Please vote for Hongbin Gu for Town Council in the 2017 Chapel Hill election.  I certainly will.


For more information, visit Hongbin's website:


-Ken Larsen


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