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Like all golfers, I'm constantly tinkering with my swing. 


1.0 My swing flaws


I've played golf both right-handed and left-handed, and I've broken 80 both ways.  I throw and write with my right hand.


Here are videos of my swings:


When I play right-handed, my flaw is coming over-the-top.  When I play left-handed, my flaw is dipping my head on my downswing and not shifting my weight to the right side.


I've decided to focus on playing left-handed.  I think my left-handed flaw is easier to fix than my right-handed flaw.


Here are some famous golfers who are (or were) left-handed and play (or played) with right-handed clubs or vice versa:




Golf Clubs used

Jordan Spieth Left Right  

Henrik Stenson



Super slow motion of Henrik's golf swing

Johnny Miller




Nick Price




Bob Charles




Phil Mickelson




Mike Weir





2.0 My favorite training aids / practice drills


The swing fan is my favorite training aid.  It gets my hips moving first ... which is what other trainings aids (Momentus weight club, Orange Whip, and Medicus) don't.  Reason why the swing fan is the best training aid.


Hit balls with lead (right) hand only.  Rest right tricep on chest at address.


3.0 What to focus on during a full swing


Rest right (lead for me) tricep on chest and keep it there during the take-away.


At address, stick my butt out plus keep weight on the insides of each foot.


Interlocking grip ... to keep my hands together.  Both Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods use it.


4.0 Chipping and piching


Narrow stance ... feet almost together.


Here is a great video on chipping.


5.0 Putting

  1. I putt with a Wilson Augusta blade putter that I've added a wide Winn grip.  This blade putter permits me to putt left or right handed.  Which I do depends upon which way the putt breaks.
  2. Conventional grip.
  3. Light grip with each hand.

6.0 Miscellaneous devices


I love the Bushnell Phantom GPS.  It can be used to measure distances that you hit your shots.  Hit a button from the place you hit a shot and then hit the button again when you reach the ball.  In June of 2018 I bought one from Amazon for $ 93.51.


I also have a Bushell Tour V4 laser range finder that I bought in June of 2017 for $ 321.74.


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