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On July 23, 2017 my friend Pat Heinrich came over to my house to get his golf swing video recorded.  He doesn't own a set of clubs and had only played a little bit of golf ... mostly in a superball tournament.  He's considering becoming serious about playing, but he first wanted an assessment.

Our first goal was to determine whether Pat should play right-handed or left-handed.  That's why I took videos of both.  Pat writes and throws with his right hand.  He swings a baseball bat left-handed.  That's exactly what I do.
Video (clear on text to view)

Ken's comments

July 23, 2017:  right-handed swing - side view

July 23, 2017:  right-handed swing - rear view

July 23, 2017:  left-handed swing - side view

July 23, 2017:  left-handed swing - rear view
  1. Pat's right-handed swing looks better than his left-handed one.

  2. Pat's swing is primarily an arms swing.  The lower body ... particularly the hips ... are the true drivers of speed.  [details]

  3. Feet are too far apart.

  4. Shoulders should point at target.  They're open ... which will cause a slice.  Take a club and hold it against shoulders to see where it points.  Ditto for hips, knees, and feet.

  5. Posture is not good.  Pat should stick his butt out and try to retain the same posture throughout.

  6. Head needs to remain stable throughout the swing.

  7. Don't let rear knee collapse during backswing.

  8. Take tension out of arms.  Let the body control the swing ... not the arms.

  9. Lead arm bends 90 degrees during backswing.  It needs to be straight.  This is best achieved by relaxing both arms and using a turn of the upper body to make the backswing.

  10. Lead wrist problem:  Lead wrist bends at top of backswing.  It should not. 

  11. Back of hand and forearm should be in the same plane.

  12. Try to attain a finish position where the chest and hips face the target.

  13. Rhythm is key.  Don't be herky-jerky.

  14. Buy a swing fan and practice with it.

  15. Practice hitting balls with just the lead hand.


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