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I'm puzzled as to why people believe in God.  Here are some questions I have for pious people:


1 Is man the most important creature in the universe?
2 Do you believe that man evolved from other animals ... like apes?
3 Do you believe in the possibility of life on places other than the earth?
4 What is the role of God?
( x ) Created the universe
( x ) Answers prayers
Does he do anything else?
5 What criteria would increase the likelihood that a prayer would be answered?
6 Do you believe in reincarnation?
7 Does God serve the entire universe?  If yes, if an event occurs on the far side of the universe and another one occurs on earth, is God aware both events simultaneously?
8 If scientists discover intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, do you believe that man will someday be able to communicate real-time with that life?
9 Do you believe that man will someday be able to travel to other stars and galaxies?
10 Where is the earth located relative to other entities in the universe?  (e.g. planets, stars, galaxies)
11 If you land in Heaven, will you be able to see and chat with your deceased friends and relatives?
12 Will you see any animals in Heaven?
13 I had a sister named Ingrid who died at 4 days.  How do you explain that?  Could anything have been done to avert that ... like prayer?
14 There is a wide range of intellect across all of humanity.  The average IQ is 100, but some people have low IQs (e.g. 65), and some have high IQs (e.g. 135).  If there is a God, why didn't he create everyone equally?
15 When does God get involved in human decisions?  ... perhaps only when a human makes a prayer and God deems the request to come from a pious person?
16 In a game like backgammon, can prayer ever affect the outcome?  Backgammon is a game requiring both luck and skill.  Dice are used.  That's the luck part, but, skill is involved, because players have to decide how best to move their checkers.
17 What do you feel about the Muslim religion?  What about Mohammed?  He's the Muslim version of Jesus.




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