Ken Larsen's web site - GoTriangle only talks about the alleged benefits of light rail


I don't trust GoTriangle.  They only present the alleged benefits of light rail.  They never mention the negatives. 


One of the negatives about the proposed Durham-Orange light rail project is at-grade crossings and all the noise they generate.


As a train approaches an at-grade crossing, a warning sound is given and barriers are lowered.  This will block car traffic for 50 seconds 150 times per day at each.  That equate to two hours/day on each such road.


[Sample of the warning noise]


Train noise lowers home values along tracks in Enfield, Connecticut (November 27, 2018)


GoTriangle presents light rail in a manner similar to cigarette advertising from the 1950s.


Source Alleged benefits What they don't mention
GoTriangle Reduce traffic - will take cars off the road 
  • At grade crossings will block traffic
  •  increase pollution
  • will generate a lot of noise.
Cigarette ad from the 1950s "Tastes clean and refreshing ... as cool and refreshing as a breath of fresh air... your mouth feels clean ... your throat refreshed"
  • cancer


Anyone living near the track should buy an ear muffler:




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