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On February 19, 2017 I installed Google Earth on a new computer.  To check it out, I zoomed in on my own address and displayed the street view of my house.  To my amazement, it showed police cars at my house.   I hosted a neighborhood meeting on July 12, 2016 between neighbors and police.  [details]


Police cars at my house are not a normal scene.


That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.




March 8, 2017:  The guy who lives across the street from me called to chat about some issue.  During the call he divulged that his property reevaluation resulted in his property value being lowered by over $ 10K ... which puzzled him.  I quipped, "That's because you're living across the street from me."  I then told him this police car story.  LOL

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