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Below are pictures of the paved pedestrian trail that runs from Elliott Road near O2 Fitness to Franklin Street near Staples.  There is talk about moving it closer to Booker Creek to accomodate a city street.  These pictures show that there is very little room to move the trail.


GoogleEarth map with the pedestrian trail shown in red and yellow.

The yellow portion of the trail can be moved slightly closer (about 10 feet) to the wetlands.

The red portion cannot be moved.  It's very close to the drop-off.

(November 6, 2014) Stormwater manager Mike Taylor says that the [yellow portion of] trail will be moved between 3 and 9 feet and the developer will pay for the move.

Looking west. 

The paved trail is 9' 7" wide. 

Blue line: From the trail edge to the base of the red leaf tree is 18' 6".

Yellow line:  From the trail edge near the light pole to the edge of the drop-off is 39 feet.




Black line:  Distance from the trail edge to the lone tree in the center is 15 feet.

I'm no botanist, but I believe the root system of the lone trees and nearby vegetation are vital in preventing the erosion of the hill.





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