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Ephesus-Fordham Misinformation


Town staff has diseminated false and misleading information to entice the listener into believing that Ephesus-Fordham (EF) Redevelopment project will deliver more than it actually will.



The truth

Stormwater:  At 2:30:35 into the October 28, 2013 Town Council meeting Economic Development Officer Dwight Bassett said "Any site that turns dirt pays a $ 100K initiation fee.  All of the fees are set aside for future stormwater capital for the district." April 2014:  The initiation fee has been deemed illegal, so it won't be collected.

Affordable Housing:  At 2:33:20 into the October 28, 2013 Town Council meeting Economic Development Officer Dwight Bassett said that the Affordable Housing (AH) goal for EF was 300 units and that Park Apartments agreed to provide 65 AH units and that DHIC would provide up to 200 more. 

Park Apartments has not committed to provide affordable housing once it has been rebuilt.  See question posed by Ed Harrison to Park owner Jim Babb at 2:35:01 into video of January 22, 2014 Town Council meeting.

DHIC will provide 144 units (84 "workforce" and 60 "senior affordable").

DHIC won't be built out for between 4 and 10 years from now.  See page 346 of this document.

Building roads through flood zone:  At 1:19:50 into the video of the April 23, 2014 Town Council meeting, Council member Jim Ward asked Dwight Bassett about the proposed Elliott Road extension and what crossing the wetlands would do to the cost and timing of EF and whether permits would be needed.  Dwight responded that "According to functional engineering, we don't believe we're in a flood area." According to FEMA maps, the proposed Elliott Road and Legion Road extensions pass right through 100 year flood zones.  Ditto for all of Eastgate and the area immediately east of Fordham Blvd.
Separating out DHIC from EF:  At 3:45:34 into the video of the April 21, 2014 Town Council meeting, Council member Matt Czajkowski asked consultant Lee Einsweiler if FBC could be applied to a few shovel ready parcels.  Lee responded "Many of the district ideas would fall apart if EF were implemented piecemeal because of the way the new road system would break up the blocks." DHIC and the old movie theater lot are not affected by the proposed new roads.
Road construction:  Has been estimated to cost $ 8.8M.  Will likely cost far more.  See this web page.


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