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Creekside Drive is a proposed new road in the Ephesus-Fordham District.  Below are pictures of what that area currently looks like. Click here for a GoogleEarth type map of the Ephesus-Fordham district and its proposed new roads.



South side of what may become "Creekside Drive" - looking north.  Japan Express and O2 Fitness are to the left.

According to GoogleEarth the distance between the parking spaces on the left and the right is 26.8 feet.  This is barely wide enough for a Town road - which must be a minimum of 26 feet wide.




Booker Creek lies just 45 feet to the right of the outer/left edge of the right parking spaces.  Jordan Lake Rules [see section 5.18.6 (b) (a)] prohibit roads from coming within 50 feet of Booker Creek.

The road width here is 31 feet according to GoogleEarth.  That's slightly more than ample for a Town road - which must be at least 26 feet according to Dwight Bassett.  

Booker Creek lies just to the right of the fence.  Proximity to the creek may be an environmental issue. 
Good luck building a Town road through here without major cost.  I think the building would have to be at least partially torn down to provide room for the road and dumpsters.  Also, note the sewer fixture in the right center of the picture.
Lee Perry's Village Plaza development will be to the left of the fence.

It's 24 feet from the fence to the left edge of the pedestrian path.  A town road must be 26 feet wide.

(November 6, 2014) According to Stormwater Manager Mike Taylor the path will be moved between 3 and 9 feet to the right, and the move will be paid for by the developer.
It's only 40 feet from the edge of the pedestrian trail to the flood zone.  This is a screen shot from the Flood Risk Information Map.

Click here for more pictures of the pedestrian trail.
This parking lot and buildings (Triangle Youth Ballet) are owned by Little & Cloniger Limited Partnership.  The parking lot was repaved during the week of June 16-20, 2014.  If Creekside Drive is going to be built soon, why repave it?

According to Dwight Bassett (in a June 23, 2014 phone conversation with Nancy Oates) the property owners are committed to redevelopment despite the repaving.
This access/service road goes all the way out to Franklin Street.  It was repaved during the week of June 16-20, 2014.
 According to Google Earth this access road is only 24 feet wide.  That's two feet less than the minimum for a Town road according to Dwight Bassett (in a June 23, 2014 phone conversation with Nancy Oates).

Staples is on the left.


Call me a cynic if you wish, but I think the whole idea of creating a "town road" across this area is solely to require that Chapel Hill pick up the tab.  If it were not a town road, then the developer would have to pay for it. 


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