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During the debate of the Chapel Hill Ephesus-Fordham Redevelopment project, the Chapel Hill Greenways Commission proposed "daylighting Booker Creek".


Hard as it may be to believe, Eastgate shopping center was built [in 1958] on top of Booker Creek.  Booker Creek enters from the north under Starbucks and exits behind Stein Mart.  "Daylighting" Booker Creek would entail tearing down Starbucks, Stein Mart, all the stores between those two, and the parking lot adjacent to all of them.  It would be an expensive undertaking.  However, I believe it would be a far greater economic boost to the area than the current Ephesus-Fordham redevelopment plan.


Town Council member Maria Palmer is a strong advocate of daylighting Booker Creek.  I cheer her stance on this issue and wish the rest of the Council would join her.


Other cities have daylighted creeks.  Here are two stories:


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