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In September 2017 my son Kevin visited me.  He brought with him a drone that he uses in his videography business in Connecticut.  Here are some videos:


Kevin's drone is a DJI Mavic Pro.  It sells on Amazon for $ 985.  It needs a mobile device to serve as its display.  Range= 4 miles   Maximum altitude is 400 feet per FAA restrictions. 


DJI is a Chinese company. 


Kevin recommends this drone that comes with its own display: Wingsland Scarlet Minivet Quadcopter.  Cost= $ 350.  Range:  1800 feet. (1/3 of a mile)


Kevin also brought with him a GoPro Hero 4 Black (cost= $ 290).  He prefers it over the Hero 5 (cost= $ 390) because of the cost, and it's better if needed to take underwater shots.


There's a GoPro Hero 6 Black.  Its cost is $ 500.


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