Ken Larsen's website - An explanation of what this website is all about


This is my personal website.  I'm retired and posting things to it has become a hobby of mine.  I'm not interested in running for public office or even trying to get a job. 


Initially, this website was all about backgammon.  Part of it was to document a backgammon club that I ran from 2008 to 2017.


It has morphed into a grab-bag of my musings on a wide variety of topics.  Beginning in 2014 I added stuff about the local political scene.  That has become the largest portion of the site.  Politically, I'm fiscally conservative but socially liberal.  I use this website to document my views.  Prior to election time, I endorse candidates whose views I like, I put their signs in my yard, and I place pictures of their signs near the top of my home page.  Many of them have won.  My endorsements web page has been ranked high by Google.  At least Google likes what I have to say!


I don't belong to any political action committees.  "I refuse to join any club that would have me as member."  -Groucho Marx 1890-1977


I hate advertising and refuse to have any advertisements on my website.   


People have suggested that I add a blog section ... which would permit others to comment on my various web pages.  I will not allow that.  This website is only for my views.  If you disagree with my views, create your own website and post your comments there.


If you like my views, feel free to copy and share them with other people via your website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." -Charles Caleb Colton 1780-1832


Some of my pages are in the inchoate stage.  "Inchoate" is a fancy word which means rudimentary or just forming.  Some of my comments about school issues fall in this category, because it's only been a couple of years since I first began exploring them.  Those pages will likely undergo significant change as I learn more. 


Toxicity alert:  I'm an atheist.  If that offends you, don't click on "My views on religion".  It appears on my home page under "Personal tidbits".


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