Ken Larsen's website - An explanation of what this website is all about


This is my personal website.  I'm retired and posting things to it has become a hobby of mine.  I'm not interested in running for public office or even trying to get a job. 


Initially, this website was all about backgammon.  Part of it was to document a backgammon club that I ran from 2008 to 2017.


It has morphed into a grab-bag of my musings on a wide variety of topics.  Beginning in 2014 I added stuff about the local political scene.  That has become the largest portion of the site.  Politically, I'm fiscally conservative but socially liberal.  I use this website to document my views.  Having a website is a huge asset if you're a political activist.  [details]


I hate advertising and refuse to have any advertisements on my website.   


People have suggested that I add a blog section ... which would permit others to comment on my various web pages.  I will not allow that.  This website is only for my views.  If you want to comment, post your comments on your own website, use social media [and link to my website], or you can email me.


Some of my pages are in the inchoate stage.  "Inchoate" is a fancy word which means rudimentary or just forming.  Some of my comments about school issues fall in this category, because it's only been a couple of years since I first began exploring them.  Those pages will likely undergo significant change as I learn more. 



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