Ken Larsen's web site - Deer crossing is one reason why you should not tailgate


I hate it when people tailgate my car.  I live in North Carolina, and we have lots of deer.  There have been several occasions when deer have jumped out in front of me, and I've had to slam on my brakes to avoid them.  If a driver were tailgating me, they'd plow right into me.  I drive a Honda Fit.  I love my car, but it's small.  It and me are not going to survive if the tailgating vehicle is large and/or traveling fast.

Here is a video of two deer jumping in front of my car on November 19, 2018 while I was driving on Ephesus Church Road in southwest Durham ... near Creekside Elementary School. 

The deer were far enough in front of me, so I did not hit them.  Also, there was no one behind me.  Whew!

The surprising thing to me was this incident happened right in the middle of the day ... at 12:47 PM.  I thought deer were nocturnal. 

There is a lot of development going on in Chapel Hill and Durham.  This development destroys the forests that serves as the habitat for deer.  They're on the move in search of new areas to live.  Watch out for them, and don't tailgate.

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