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A light rail line needs an operations and maintenance facility (ROMF).   


(November 27, 2018) INDY story on the ROMF.


[Durham Planning Commission written comments on the Farrington Road ROMF]

ROMF characteristics

Negatives about the facility

ROMF location

Throughout the U.S. there are 25 other Light Rail systems currently up and running.  NONE sit in a residential area close to an elementary school.  [details]



This map shows the 23 acre site where the ROMF will be built.  It's between Farrington Road and I-40.  Because of that "seclusion", it was deemed to be the best location of five that were considered.  All five sites had negatives.


Negatives about the Farrington Road location


Because of deadlines that are coming up, GoTriangle will not reopen discussion about where to locate the ROMF.  The only way that the ROMF will not get built would be if the whole project got canceled.  That remains a possibility, because this project is contingent on a huge contribution by the Federal government.




DOLRT = Durham-Orange County Light Rail project




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