Ken Larsen's website - Orange County Commissioners vote 5-2 to approve the DOLRT


On Thursday April 27, 2017 Orange County commissioners voted 5-2 to approve the Durham-Orange Light Rail project (DOLRT).  The project will go forward.  There is no more opportunity to cancel the DOLRT.


Here's how they voted:


  DOLRT vote  Up for reelection in
Mark Dorosin (BOCC chair) Yes 2020
Mia Day Burroughs Yes 2018
Barry Jacobs Yes 2018
Mark Marcopolis Yes 2020
Penny Rich Yes 2020
Earl McKee No 2018
Renee Price No 2020


This is exactly the way they voted on December 5, 2016 when they were voting to decide whether to sign the MOU or not.  From that meeting to the present there have been 143 public comment speeches.  Based on the number of against-DOLRT speeches (88 or 62%) and quality of their content, I assert that DOLRT should not have been approved.  [explanation]


Cheers to Earl McKee and Renee Price for making a valiant effort to try to defeat DOLRT.  Thumbs down to the others.  I will be voting against them if they decide to run for re-election.


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