Ken Larsen's proposed WCHL commentator piece #2 on DOLRT


This is Ken Larsen.

“For Whom the Bell Tolls” is an Ernest Hemingway novel about the Spanish Civil War.  Beginning in the year 2029 people will think it’s about the Durham-Orange Light Rail project (DOLRT).  2029 is the year that the DOLRT is supposed to be finished.  With it will come lots of bell ringing … over two hours every day on over 40 at-grade crossings along the route. 

An “at-grade or level crossing” is where a train crosses a street at street level.  When a train approaches such a street, its horn will blow, barriers will be lowered and a bell will ring. 

[bell ringing]

This noisy interruption of traffic flow will persist for 50 seconds.  This event will occur approximately 150 times per day at each at-grade crossing. 

On top of the noise and traffic issues, at-grade crossings increase the likelihood of collisions as a train can't stop as quickly as a bus.

For details, visit the website.  We’re the folks who are pressing for public transportation that really works for everyone  ... not just for a narrow sliver of the county.  We want frequent bus service and a bus rapid transit (BRT) system that will get people out of their cars.  Ask the County Commissioners to choose this more cost effective option. Or, you can wait 12 years and in 2029 listen to the noise of the at-grade crossings. 

The bell tolls for thee.

This is Ken Larsen.

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