Ken Larsen's web site - DOLRT and ROMF impacts to Creekside Elementary School


Creekside is an elementary school in southwest Durham, North Carolina.  [website]


DOLRT = proposed Durham-Orange County Light Rail project


ROMF = Railroad Operation and Maintenance Facility.  Every light rail line must have one.


Problem statement


Creekside Elementary will be very negatively impacted by DOLRT and its ROMF. 


The ROMF will be built only a quarter of a mile away from Creekside Elementary.  It's a 24/7 operation that will have lots of noise and other pollution.  It should not be built anywhere near a school.  [details]


DOLRT has many at-grade crossings.  One of these will be on Farrington Road  ... which is the main road parents and buses use to shuttle children to and from Creekside.  The at-grade crossing on Farrington will dramatically increase the traffic problem on Farrington.  For more on DOLRT, see "Ken Larsen's assessment of the Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit Project (DOLRT)".



What is being done?


Answer:  Nothing. 


Public officials are not doing anything to prevent the negative impact.  It's full steam ahead for DOLRT and its ROMF.


Many people (including elected officials) support DOLRT, but they do so for reasons that are not justified.  They have been duped by a propaganda campaign by GoTriangle. 


GoTriangle is a regional public transportation provider.  They are the DOLRT project leaders.  Taxpayer money pays for GoTriangle and the DOLRT project.  In that role, one would expect GoTriangle to be transparent and even handed with all aspects of DOLRT.  However, they have not been.  GoTriangle has become a propaganda machine to serve developers.  [details and example


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