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GoTriangle is great at salesmanship.  They present information in a way which makes you fall in love with DOLRT.  Here are some side by side comparisons to illustrate the manipulation.



Example 1    
Alluring image that sells people on DOLRT   Reality
The average person will naively believe that the entire route is like this photo - with cars and trains safely separated from each other.  This is called "Grade separation". 

Who wouldn't fall in love with DOLRT after looking at this photo? 

Note also that the overhead electrical wires are only evident if you look carefully.

(February 11, 2017) Durham Council member Charlie Reece disagrees with my assertion that most people believe that the entire route is like this picture.  He said that "Everyone in downtown Durham knows that much of that area will be like the picture on the right."
  Unfortunately, full grade separation would be enormously expensive.  To cut costs, DOLRT will have over 40 at-grade sections.  These will block car traffic, pollute more [a car idling pollutes far more than one which is running], and be far less safe [because of the probability of collisions with cars, pedestrians, and cyclists].
Example 2    
Map of the DOLRT route   Same map, but one which shows the entity of both counties
In this map, the county separation line is almost imperceptible.  You can't easily tell where Orange County ends and Durham County begins.  You may easily conclude that the Orange County piece of the DOLRT is longer than it actually is.

This map doesn't show the entirety of both counties.  This plays a trick on the mind.  A person may easily conclude that the DOLRT is great for both counties. 
  From this map it is easy to see how little DOLRT benefits Orange County.  It also doesn't do a great job for Durham County.

It should further be noted that there are only two Chapel Hill neighborhoods (Meadowmont and Downing Creek) that would benefit from DOLRT, but neither one of them wants it.


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