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DOLRT = Durham-Orange County Light Rail project

DOLRT is an extremely complicated story to tell.  It would take me many hours to tell you just what I know.  [If you want my info, see the DOLRT portion of my personal website.] If you let Alex Cabanes and Lisa Brach start talking about DOLRT, they can keep you busy for days.  They've been fighting DOLRT since its beginning.  I'm a relative newcomer to the fight.

Today we want to focus on the impact to Creekside Elementary School.

In late 2019 or early 2020, the Federal government's FTA (Federal Transit Adminstration) is expected to approve or not approve the construction of the DOLRT.

There are two possible outcomes:

  FTA decision Impact to Creekside Elementary
1 Yes 1. Traffic will be blocked on Farrington Road for an additional two hours per day because of at-grade crossings. [details] [video]
2. Massive traffic will be added to George King Road.
3. A ROMF will be built just 400 yards away from Creekside.  [map]
2 No The project will be canceled and over $ 200M in taxpayer money will have been wasted.  [$ 160M is Durham County's share.]
FYI:  DOLRT won't be finished until 2029.

Regarding what you can do:  Vote out all the politicians who supported DOLRT.  In Chapel Hill we kicked out four of them in the last election.  [Two wisely decided not to run for re-election; two were defeated in the election.]  That's what you need to do.  Let them know loud and clear that they slit their own throats by supporting DOLRT. 

Now I will turn things over to xxx who will talk about the ROMF.


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