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In the fall of 2017 I learned that a lady in my neighborhood has cystic fibrosis (CF).  She needed help getting rides back from kidney dialysis. Her husband drives her to dialysis but can't return her on the days he works.


 I've been one of many people who have offered to help.  My neighborhood is great about such things.  We're a big family.  In 2015 I benefitted from such help when I had my own health issue, so I was glad to help someone else ... "paying it forward".


Before I met the lady (who I will refer to as "RB"), I viewed some Khan Academy videos on CF.  They can be found here.


RB was born in 1966, so she is now 51 years old.  At the time she was born, it was believed that she might not survive until grade school.  However, thanks to health care advancements and her and her family's diligence in complying with regimen, she has outlived most CF patients.  Her story could benefit other CF patients.  That's why I'll telling it here ... with her permission.


In 2000 RB had a double lung transplant.  CF attacks the lungs, and by 2000 her lungs had deteriorated to the point where the transplants were needed.


The double transplant restored the health of RB; however, organ transplants require the patient to take drugs for the rest of their lives to offset the body's immune system.  The human body doesn't like foreign tissue!


By 2017, the immune suppressant drugs had taken a toll on RB's kidneys.  She now needs a kidney transplant, and until she gets one, she has to go for kidney dialysis three times/week. 


To complicate matters further, RB has lost a lot of weight.  She is now down to 87 pounds.  Her medical support team wants her back up to 100 pounds before they will consider a kidney transplant.


Despite these setbacks, RB is optimistic about her future.  Her optimism and her diligence in complying with medical regimen are in her favor.



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