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Apoptosis is "a process of controlled cell death in multicellular organisms".  It's a cellular way to control unrestrained growth.  Without it, cancer occurs and the organism eventually dies.


Just as living organisms need apoptosis, so too do towns.  Without it, population grows unabated and the town eventually suffers from traffic, flooding, and pollution woes.


Chapel Hill has the rural buffer to provide apoptosis, but I'm dubious as to how long it will hold.  Developers and UNC are in growth mode.  UNC has been mandated by their board of governors to grow by 275 students per year.  Developers continually pressure the town to approve one development after another.  Their latest strategy is to push for tall buildings.  That will just add to our traffic woes.


For more info, see Urban Growth Machine.


Better apoptosis is needed.

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