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At about 3:30 PM on Thursday October 27, 2016 my next door neighbor Catherine rang my doorbell and reported that their family cat (a female Calico named Dr. McFluffin) was crying and was somewhere in my backyard.  She had been chased by another cat.  We searched, and Catherine found her high in a tree.  This happened once before, and her husband Gabriel retrieved her, but he was currently out of town on a business trip.  He wouldn't return until Friday night.

Catherine called a few tree service people, but one wanted $ 300, and the others advised that the cat would eventually come down on its own.  Fire departments no longer do cat retrievals.

Dr McFluffin stayed up the tree for two nights and was finally rescued by Gabriel.  Here are pictures and videos.
Gabriel climbing to retrieve Dr McFluffin.  His son Silas is looking on.
Dr McFluffin in the tree.  He was about 60 feet up.  At one point he was about ten feet higher, so he was starting to descend.
Click on this picture to see video.
Click on this picture to see video.

Successful retrieval at 9:20 AM on Saturday October 29th!

Kudos to Gabriel!
Dr. McFluffin on March 23, 2017

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