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"Disabled Chapel Hill woman told to repay $19,000" - ABC Channel 11 Eyewitness News, September 21, 2017


My first reaction was to conclude that Carla had cheated North Carolina out of $ 19,000.  In reality, it's the fault of some North Carolina government administrators. 


To help eligible retired teachers and state employees, the Disability Income Plan for North Carolina (DIP-NC) was created.  DIP-NC ties disability payments to "other income" ... claiming a right to reduce their payments if that other income goes up.  That is not right.  In Carla's case, that other income is social security, and occasionally it gets increased to compensate for the ravages of inflation.  DIP-NC is negating that goal.  It prevents recipients from keeping up with inflation.  That pushes them further down the poverty ladder.  That is wrong.


Another issue is that the state of North Carolina has been overpaying Carla for 10 years and only recently discovered their error.  Carla might have made different financial decisions had the discrepancy been caught and corrected 10 years ago.  Instead she's saddled with a debt of $ 19,000 through no fault of her own.


My recommendations are:

  1. DIP-NC needs to be changed so that recipients can keep up with inflation.

  2. Carla should be absolved of the need to pay the $ 19,000 bill.


For more information on Carla, see this YouTube video

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