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On October 10, 2018 I watched a short video on Facebook that touted Pontevedra, Spain.  Ponevedra was cited as an example of the way cities should be designed, because its center is carfree.  Here is an article which talks about the car banning in Pontevedra.


Per Moovit, Pontevedra is served by a single heavy rail station and has frequent bus service, but it has no light rail.


Here is a video that explains how a car free city could be designed.


7 cities that are starting to go car free [January 13, 2015]


In my opinion, cities should be multiple tiered.  One tier would be for pedestrian and bicycle traffic.  Another tier would be public transportation (buses, street cars, rail).  A third tier would be cars.  New York City has two tiers, because there a subway system.  San Antonio, Texas has two tiers in its riverwalk section.  Pedestrians walk along the river.  That's also where restaurants and shops are located.  Cars are on the second level.  I've visited San Antonio a few times.


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