Ken Larsen's web site - Turn signal issue


At 5:38 PM EDT on April 24, 2017 I caught on dashcam a turn signal violation in my neighborhood (Briarcliff section of Chapel Hill, NC).


Here's the video:


The intersection was Willow and Spruce.  The black truck was traveling east on Willow.  I was traveling west.  I presumed that the black truck was going to continue west/straight ahead because he/she didn't have their turn signal blinking.  I started to go forward and then suddenly realized they were going to turn north onto Spruce ... which would have them cross in front of me.  Fortunately we both stopped and he/she let me continue.  It could have been an accident.


If you intend to make a turn, PLEASE USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL.  To not do so is a violation of NC General Statute 20-154(a).


Also, if it's raining ... which it was ... , turn on your headlights.   To not do so is a violation of NC General Statute 20-129(a)(4).   That was another thing the truck didn't do.



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