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In September 2018 I bought a Pruveeo C2 Dual dashcam after my first dashcam died.  I paid under $ 100 for the Pruveeo from Amazon.


I like the Pruveeo because it has two cameras that be used to record both forward and rear views.  My first dashcam only recorded the view looking forward.


The only complaint that I have is that Amazon encouraged me to order a 64gb memory card for it, but the dashcam can only support a maximum of 32gb.  Fortunately I had a 32gb card from my previous dashcam.


I attached the Pruveeo to my rear view mirror.  You can use a suction cup to attach it to your windshield or dashboard.

It comes with a long wire that connects to a car's cigarette light.  The wire is long so that it can be tucked into your car's overhead and side fabric.  I didn't do that. 
It has two cameras that can be rotated.  I have the one on the left pointing rearward.  I have the one on the right pointing forward.

The dashcam's screen shows both views ... with the rear view smaller and superimposed on the upper left quadrant of the screen.  I presumed that this was way the views would be saved, but I was wrong.  The forward and rear views are stored as separate files.  This is excellent. 

You can turn off the rearward facing camera.  You can also turn off the audio.

This dash camera does not support GPS.  It also doesn't identify the speed of your vehicle [You would need GPS for it to do that.]

To copy files to your computer, pop out the memory chip (left side near the REC button), plug it into a SanDisk adapter, plug that adapter into your computer, and copy files.  Those files with an "A" suffix are forward facing videos.  Those with a "B" suffix are rearward facing views.

The dashcam overwrites the oldest files when it gets full, so there is no need to delete files when it gets full.
15 second video made by forward facing camera  
15 second video made by rear facing camera  


(March 10, 2019) The rear facing camera has begun recording images upside down.  I don't why ... possibly because I hit a wrong button when I switched to Daylight Savings Time ... , but it's not a problem, because I can use editing software to rotate a video 180 degrees. 


The unit slides off the mount very easily.  I initially perceived this to be a negative, but I now regard it as a positive.  If you're in an accident ... or worry about it being stolen ... you can remove easily for safe storage.


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