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In 2016 I bought and began using a G1W car dash camera by Black Box.  I felt I needed to have a dash camera, because of an accident in 2009, a small collision with 3 deer in 2014, and a near accident on December 23, 2015.  In the 2015 incident I almost t-boned a car which ran a stop sign.  A dash camera provides video evidence should there be controversy as to who was right and who was wrong.  With so many people texting while driving, I feel it's important to have video evidence.

In Taiwan thereís widespread use of dash cameras.  Thatís because the police give the locals 10% of the fines they levy to people who provide video evidence of traffic violations.  Some people now drive around Taiwan with 4 dash cameras (each pointing in a different direction) to help catch violators.  lol
Amusingly, in Russia there is also widespread use of dash cameras ... for an entirely different reason:  the public doesnít trust the police.  Their dash cameras are to record information in case they are stopped by the police for an alleged violation.

Research that I did on the internet showed that the G1W provides high definition video for under $ 100.  That's a bargain.

Here's a YouTube video I found which shows how stunningly clear the video can be:

I bought my G1W from Amazon for $ 55.61.  After receiving it I learned that it didn't come with a micro SD card.  I drove to Staples and bought a 32 GB micro SD card for about $ 22.  I should have ordered the micro SD card at the time I submitted my Amazon order.

Here's a video on how to configure the G1W:

If you wish to conceal the G1W's wire, here's a video on how you can do so:   After viewing this video, I ordered trim tools from Amazon. 


Parameters and recommended settings:


[To view and change parameters, leave unconnected from your computer, and turn on.  To change settings, the camera must not be recording.]




Recommended setting

1 Capture Mode Single


Resoluton 1080FHD
3 Sequence Off
4 Quality Normal
5 Sharpness Normal
6 White Balance Auto
7 Color Color
8 ISO Auto
9 Loop recording 5 minutes  (This will make a file every 5 minutes.)
10 WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) on
11 Exposure +0.0  (The larger the value, the more light will be gathered.)
12 Anti-shaking Off
13 Quick review Off
14 Motion Detection Off
15 Record Audio On
16 Date Stamp On  (Will display the date and time on the video.)
17 Date/Time Set to the current date and time
18 Auto Power Off Off
19 Beep Sound On
20 Language English
21 TV mode NTSC (for U.S.A.)
22 Frequency 60 Hz (for U.S.A.)
23 Lamp setting Day mode
24 Format SD card (do this once/week)
25 Screen saver Off
26 Delayed shutdown Off
27 Default setting Cancel (otherwise all settings will be returned to factory set values)
28 Version 20150508.V0.01.DA380 on my G1W
29 Gravity sensing Off
30 LicensePlateNo. Set to your car's license plate number




If you want a dashcam that displays GPS coordinates and your car's speed, consider buying the Sony DOD-LS460W.  I bought one from Amazon for my son.  It cost a little over $ 200.  Here is a review of it.


If you want a motion-sensitive camera for your home, the Wild-Vision Full HD 5.0 Trail and Game Camera looks good.  [details]  I ordered one from Amazon for $ 139.


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