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In 2010 a petition with 1201 signatures was presented to the Chapel Hill Town Council advocating that a Men's Homeless Shelter not be built on Homestead Road.  The petition was rebuffed by the Council, and ground was broken for the shelter in 2014.


Click here for a video of the presentation that was made by Tina CoyneSmith.


Click here for the presentation.


In response to a June 2014 email query, Tina responded  "We had a very large contingent of concerned citizens asking for the town to find a better site, all of whom were vilified as bad people who hate the homeless(very not true).  This was a contentious issue and one I could go on about at length.  The process was terrible and politically driven. "

This sounds exactly how the Ephesus-Fordham petition was treated in May of 2014.


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