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In my opinion, the USA is the most brainwashed country on the earth.  We are continually bombarded with brainwashing from all corners.


Here are examples:


Source Explanation
Commercial advertising Television is interrupted many times each hour to tout the alleged benefits of products.  This is one of the most innocuous forms of brainwashing, but it is highly effective.
NRA Effective gun control in the United States is impossible "thanks" to the efforts of the National Rifle Association.  They control politicians from liberal to conservative.
AIPAC This is a pro-Israel lobbying organization.  Their mission is to ensure that the U.S. public continue to have a positive view of Israel and that Congress continues to fund Israel to the tune of $ 4B/year. 
National news Fox News:  This media conglomerate was formed by Rupport Murdoch to promote extreme right wing views.  [details] [examples]
Local news Sinclair Broadcast Group owns 193 TV stations across the United States [details].  They each serve as a propaganda machine for conservative views [details].
Donald Trump [details]
Developers At the local scene, communities and local politicians are controlled by developers.  [Chapel Hill example

Chapel Hill example #2:  GoTriangle's role in promoting the Durham-Orange Light Rail project (DOLRT).  [details]
Religion I regard religion as brainwashing that has gone on for ten of thousands of years.  It was invented by ancient man to worship an entity called "God" which ancient man also invented.  He invented God, because ancient man couldn't explain phenomena such as lightening, volcano eruptions, etc.  Devious men quickly learned that religion was a fabulous way to get gullible people to do horrible things like fight wars.  On September 11, 2001, 19 Islamic extremists sacrificed their lives to bring down the Twin Trade Towers in New York City.  They were on a mission for their god.

Islamic religion leaders have used their religion to justify the subjugation of women.

Catholic and other religious leaders have used religion to discourage women from practicing birth control.  This is very bad, because the world has an exploding population problem.  [details]

The Republican Party conned Christian conservatives by feigning piety.  This led to the election of Donald Trump.



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