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69 people spoke during the public speakers segment.  36 were against the project; 33 were for it. 

Click on name to see video of their speech.




1 Ken Larsen Summary of public comment for previous 4 meetings (December 5, January 24, March 7, and April 4)
2 Maria De Bruin  
3 Desiree Goldman  
4 Brenda McCall  
5 Peter Calingaert Questions financial predictions
6 Kimberly Brewer Lives on Purify Road in Chapel Hill
7 Joan Guile  
8 Bonnie Hauser  
9 Del Snow  
10 Julie McClintock  
11 Sheila Creth  
12 John Morris  
13 Harold Gordon Retired construction engineer.  Harold gives very compelling reasons for why he regards Go Triangle's cost estimates as being too low.  He has sent questions to Go Triangle, but they have not yet answered him.
14 Molly McConnell  
15 Phil Earnhardt  
16 Kenneth Parker Wants good public transit for Orange County.
17 Bill Charles  
18 Lisa Kylie
19 Jameszetta Bedford  
20 Linda Haac  
21 David Carpenter  
22 Ed Tiryakian Shakespeare sonnet
23 Alex Cabanes Ridership numbers are down.
24 Bob Rever  
25 Robert David  
26 Cheryl Hardman  
27 Rosemary Wensil Chapel Hill resident
28 David Schwartz Chapel Hill resident.  Ran for Town Council in 2015.  Quote of the day:  "It's not often that you find Julie McClintock and local real estate developers on the same side of an issue  ... to say nothing of Desiree Goldman.  If that combination of people think that a particular project is a bad idea, you can be confident that it is a bad idea, so I encourage you to vote no."
29 Terry Vance  
30 Diane Robertson  
31 Joe Phelps  
32 Sam Garbo  
33 Hannah Thorn  
34 Charles Humble  
35 Tony Blake  
36 Ann Loftin  


1 John Hammond  
2 Jim Parker  
3 Sue Hunter  
4 Matt Fajack Vice Chancellor of Finances and Administration at UNC
5 Karen McCall UNC Healthcare
6 Bernadette Pelissier Former Orange County Commissioner.  Talks about the social justice benefits of DOLRT.
7 David Neal  
8 Tom Farmer Chapel Hill resident whose home and place of work are each within a quarter of a mile of an existing bus stop.
9 Josh Mayo UNC senior
10 Matt Bailey  
11 Jason Baker Lives in Chapel Hill; works in Raleigh.
12 Melissa McCullough Lives in Chapel Hill, Sierra Club member
13 Dory McMillan Senior at UNC.  Community Empowerment
14 Katy Lang Carrboro resident; car free transit rider
15 Molly De Marco UNC professor.  Resident of Chapel Hill
16 Matthew Clark Lives in Durham.
17 Alison Stuebe UNC physician who lives at Meadowmont
18 Vijay Sivaraman NCCU professor
19 Aaron Nelson Chamber of Commerce
20 Kristen Smith Chamber of Commerce
21 Alan Smaltz  
22 Kegan Sacripontie Grad student at UNC.  Lives in Orange County.
23 James Bonderant UNC student
24 David King  
25 Heather Brutz  
26 Rachel Willis  
27 Allie Klonch UNC grad student
28 Gary Saunders  
29 Michael Waltrip  
30 Maria Palmer Town Council member who is up for re-election this year.
31 Ramona Magee Lives in Durham.  Attorney for SELC.
32 Kym Hunter Lives in Chapel Hill.  Attorney for SELC.
33 Lee Storrow Former Chapel Hill Town Council member



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