Ken Larsen's website:  BOCC commissioners staunchly defend DOLRT at its February 5, 2019 meeting


At the February 5, 2019 meeting of the Board of Orange County Commissioners (BOCC), Penny Rich (Chair) and Mark Marcoplos continued their staunch support of DOLRT (Durham-Orange Light Rail project) and GoTriangle.  There was debate about "open meetings" that was triggered by a petition that was submitted at the January 22nd meeting by Chapel Hill resident John Morris.  He questioned the transparency of GoTriangle.


Here are the pertinent speeches:


# Speech
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Summary Ken's comments
1 John Morris (January 22nd) John petitions BOCC to improve the transparency of GoTriangle.
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The January 10th GoTriangle meeting that John tried to attend was attended by BOCC Commissioners Penny Rich and Mark Marcoplos.
2 David Kiel Expresses worry that DOLRT will negatively impact funding for schools, transportation, and other projects.  
3 Bonnie Hauser Finds flaws with GoTriangle's "Light Rail Guidebook".  
4 Commissioner Earl McKee    
5 Commissioner Mark Marcoplos    
6 Commissioner Jamezetta Bedford    
7 Commissioner Penny Rich (Chair) BOCC does not have legal authority to direct GoTriangle to open up their meetings to the public.  
8 Commissioner Earl McKee    
9 Commissioner Mark Marcoplos Accuses DOLRT opponents of using this "open meetings issue" as a tactic to slow down DOLRT. [excerpt] Disgusting.  Mark Marcoplos was sworn in as a Orange County Commissioner on December 5, 2016.  5 hours and 11 minutes after being sworn in, he cast a vote in support of DOLRT.  It has become a financial quagmire that will serve few people.  That December 5, 2016 meeting motivated me to write this opinion piece.
10 Commissioner Earl McKee    
11 Commissioner Jamezetta Bedford    
12 Commissioner Mark Dorosin    
13 Commissioner Renee Price    
14 Commissioner Mark Marpopolos    
15 Commissioner Penny Rich (Chair) Shuts off further conversation on open meetings.  


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