Ken Larsen's web site - March 7, 2017 DOLRT speech to BOCC by Steve Tilley


My name is Steve Tilley.


Iíve been keeping up with the light rail system thatís trying to put in Orange County, but from what I see and what Iíve read, the system is going to go from UNC to Duke and then to NCCU.  I donít think that anybody in this room will ride that light rail system, because itís not going to be on this side [north] of Interstate 40.  Itíll be on the other side of 40. 


This side of 40 has got to pay for it Ö or help pay for it.  Itís too much.  The cost is too much because in the long run as everything else thatís happened that's been passed, the taxpayer winds up footing the bill.  Itís going up.  Itíll go up sooner or later to pay for it.  Somebody has got to pay for it.  Itís either going to be in sales tax, it's going to be in property tax.  There will be a tax.  Somewhere down the line Ö 10 years from now Ö 15 years from now Ö there will be a tax Ö because there will be a cost overrun.  $ 175M or whatever they say itís going to cost Ö itíll be 10 times that, and the board [BOCC] knows it, so I donít think we need it.



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