Ken Larsen's web site - March 7, 2017 DOLRT speech to BOCC by Julie McClintock


Petition to: Orange County Commissioners

From: Julie McClintock, on behalf of CHALT and County residents  

Date: March 7, 2017

Subject:  Call for Public Hearing



I am Julie McClintock, and I am representing Chapel Hill Alliance for a Livable Town as well as a county-wide coalition of individuals interested and concerned about your decision on the light rail portion of the Orange County transit plan.  We seek a Better Transit Plan for Orange County.


Thank you for listening to our concerns and for initiating an independent financial analysis of the GoTriangle Financial Plan. 


Tonight, we petition the Orange County Commissioners to call a public hearing for the purpose of giving citizens an opportunity to comment on the findings of Davenportís independent analysis of GoTriangleís model, as well as the Bus and Rail Investment Plan and changes to related documents.


You are about to make a billion dollar decision and it must be based on facts and evidence found in this study.  This is the largest capital project ever undertaken in the countyís history.


We understand the consultant is studying and updating the models for the GoTriangle financing plan and that the findings from this report are due in mid April. We request that the County staff release the study as soon as it is available and that the public hearing feature a presentation by the independent consultant, an analysis by the county staff, and then of course questions and comments from citizens.


We know that our elected officials want to make well informed decisions based on evidence, not opinion.  Given the financial stakes, we taxpayers are ready to assist you in raising the questions and issues needed to make a sound decision on this very big decision. 



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