Ken Larsen's web site - March 7, 2017 DOLRT speech to BOCC by Brenda McCall


You may not have all the plans completed in time for a public hearing in early April, but if we just focus on the financial plan that was submitted to the FTA – and the staff and independent review, there is plenty to talk about:


Here are some of the most concerning problems with the current proposal: 

These assumptions are alarming to me and a lot of people – and they raise basic questions such as: 

There is good news.  There are exciting changes that lie ahead and will affect the way we move.  There is bus rapid transit (BRT), ride sharing, autonomous vehicles, and smart roads that will be changing the face of public transportation.  By the time DOLRT starts in 2029 it will be obsolete.  


Consider that it’s been only 10 short years since we saw the first smart phones – our 20th century innovations are quickly becoming obsolete!  We have to pay attention to the new technologies that are evolving.

Why take the risk of locking ourselves into light rail when there are so many exciting technologies that are more flexible, will serve the entire county, and won't require that we mortgage our transit future for decades?

Please help us answer these basic service and phasing questions in a public hearing.


Thank you very much.



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