Ken Larsen's web site - March 7, 2017 DOLRT speech to BOCC by Patricia Clayton    


I am Patricia Clayton, and Iím speaking on behalf of the Northern Orange NAACP.


I came before you in December affirming our support for public transportation. I also shared that we were hoping to see a lot more buses in northern Orange.  Itís hard to believe that we are back two months later looking at a different plan and a new set of issues.  That in and of itself, gives us great concern.


You already know that weíve never been fond of light rail between UNC and Durham.  Itís expensive.  It does nothing for our community.  We were hopeful when we saw a little bit more  bus service, but itís not nearly enough.  Thatís why we continue to use cars Ö because thatís our only reliable form of transportation available to us.


Now things look worse.  Light rail will take 12 more years and costs billions of dollars.  Is it true that instead of the standard bus service now, our transit money will be used to pay off loans for light rail for 45 years.  This is not what we voted for.  How long shall we expect us to wait for bus service thatís useable?


I said this the last time, and itís worth repeating:  Northern Orange has been asking for reliable public transportation for years.  For us, that means access to better jobs and to help the seniors who can no longer drive.


When we supported the Ĺ cent sales tax increase for transit we expected service for people who are paying the taxes.  We did not expect to be paying for Durham and UNC trains.

Good public transportation will make Orange County more affordable for all of us.  Please assure us that our transportation plan serves all the people of Orange County.

Thank you.


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