Ken Larsen's web site - Backgammon misplay

Here is a video of me making two backgammon errors with one move.  There were actually three errors, if you count my opponent's failure to catch my checker misplay.

Error #1:  I should have played 13/11(2).  It was a huge blunder (0.185) not to have played 13/11(2).  This is what happens when you don't look around the whole board and consider all options. 

Error #2:  I played five 1s instead of four 1s.  I was shocked when I saw the video, because I try to be super diligent in moving my checkers ... to comply with the rules of backgammon and to permit my opponent to clearly see what I'm doing. 

This is a major problem with live backgammon.  People can mis-count by accident or intention.  Such errors can never happen online, because the software prevents erroneous movement.  The rules of backgammon are enforced. 

Error #3:  My opponent didn't catch my checker movement error.  If you play live, you must verify that your opponent plays his moves correctly.  If your opponent moves checkers back and forth ("checker shuffling"), it can be very energy draining.  Live backgammon is way more energy draining than online play. 

I ended up losing this game, so fortunately my counting error didn't affect the outcome.


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