Ken Larsen's Backgammon - TRAP tactic     


Trap play:  invite a hit in an effort to pick up another blot by recycling a checker.


In the position shown, any play that doesn't involve hitting is at least a 0.075 error.  This is red's only chance to pick up a second blot which is necessary to win.



  1. You are behind in the race and need to hit another checker to win.
  2. Or, your opponent has an anchor in your home board and has taken off a number of checkers already.  To win the game, or win a gammon, you need to break that anchor and put both checkers on the bar.
  3. Your opponent's home board has crashed has checkers only on its lowest three points.
  4. Or, your opponent has blots in his home board that you would like to pick up.


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