Ken Larsen's Backgammon - SLOT tactic     


Slot - slotting a key point is often done when an opponent has a lone rear checker.  You must take a risk to contain that checker.  Usually this is done when your opponent has a very weak home board.



  1. Opponent has a lone rear checker
  2. You slot a key point (5 or 7 point) to contain that rear checker
  3. You have an anchor in your opponent's home board.  This serves as a safety valve in case a blot hitting contest ensues.


In the position shown 13/8 would be a 0.031 error, so failure to slot is not a major error.


Note:  Here duplication is also a consideration as 8/7 duplicates 6s, but slotting would be the choice even if gold didnít have the other blot.  



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