Ken Larsen's Backgammon - GG tactic     


Gammon Go increase the likelihood of winning a gammon.  You should do this if you're trailing in a match and can benefiting substantially by winning a gammon for example, if your opponent is 1-away from winning the match.


In the position shown red is trailing 4-1 in a match to 5, and the cube has already been turned to 2.  A gammon loss will not hurt red any more than a regular loss, because a loss of any kind will end the match.  Therefore, red can afford to take a higher amount of risk and hit gold.  This will improve his chances of winning a gammon and the match.  Not making this aggressive move would be 0.216 worse, a blunder.


If this were a money game, then 8/6, 8/4 would be best.



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