Ken Larsen's Backgammon - BEAROFF tactic     


Play made to maximize bearoff safety.   Rules of thumb here are:


  1. ďA point cleared is a point not to be feared." 
  2. Keep an even number of checkers on your outermost two points. 
  3. Keep a good distribution of spares if your opponent has checker(s) in your home board. 
  4. If you're behind in the race, don't move checkers to your low points.  Keep them on your high points to maximize the benefit of throwing high doubles as those are the only rolls which will win for you.


6/OFF is 0.071 worse.  Note that the race is even.  6/4/OFF would leave checkers on just three different points. 2/OFF, 5/1 leaves checkers on four different points.



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