Ken Larsen's Backgammon - BACKGAME tactic     


Fall into a backgame.  Invite opponent to hit your checkers to improve your timing.


15/6 would be a blunder at -0.132


In the position shown red has the ideal backgame structure:  two anchors; on the 1 and 3 points.


Reasons for employing this tactic:

  • You are far behind in the race.
  • You have a double anchor.


Backgames are a great way to win a game if you have fallen far behind in a race.  You first must attain two low point anchors in your opponent’s home board (however not the 1 and 2 points).  Next you must recirculate your checkers by inviting hits.  Avoid hitting your opponent as that will slow him down.  You want to slow yourself down.



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