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The amygdala is the part of the human brain which controls emotion (e.g. love, fear, anger, sexual desire).  The cerebrum is the part which controls logic and reason.


The amygdala can be a trouble maker.  It interferes with sound decision making.  I've lost thousands of dollars making poor choices buying stocks, and I've pursued women who were ill-suited for me.  I should leave important decision making to my cerebrum!


Recently I learned that a lady friend lost a lot of sleep fretting about an ex-boyfriend who had dumped her but then began sending her mixed messages about his feelings.  Part of her loved him, but part of her wanted nothing to do with him.  It seemed liked a battle between her amygdala and her cerebrum.  I tried to apply my own cerebrum to help her by asking a few questions ... like what they had in common, why she liked him, etc.  I learned that they had virtually nothing in common and that he didn't value her opinion.   He only cared about himself.  The only things she really like about him was his good looks and self-confidence.  Clearly, her amygdala was winning the war with her cerebrum.  Her long term happiness would also be better served by deferring to the voice of her cerebrum.


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