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On Monday August 21, 2017 a total eclipse will sweep the United States from Oregon to South Carolina.  t-shirt makers are out in force to capitalize on this rare event.  If you'd like to buy an eclipse t-shirt, you can do so via Amazon.  However, be careful what you order, because some t-shirts have errors.  Here are a few: 


The designer has mixed up South Carolina and South Dakota.

The total eclipse won't even pass through South Dakota.
The diagram shows the Moon's shadow hitting Central America.  That's false.  It'll be in the United States.
The path of totality will not cross the Myrtle Beach section of South Carolina.

This is the actual path:

During the eclipse, none of the features of the Moon will be visible.  It will appear as a black disk.  The entire other side of the Moon will be 100% lit up, but we won't see any of that, because it always faces away from the Earth.
These images are each off by 90 degrees.  The Moon's shadow will appear to cross the Sun beginning from the upper right portion of the Sun ... about 2 o'clock on a traditional clock.





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