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Here are nine reasons why I endorse Allen Buansi for Chapel Hill Town Council in 2017:

  1. He fights for the disadvantaged.  He is a civil rights lawyer who has helped do research to help the Rogers Road task force.  That work culminated in the Rogers Road community getting sewer lines ... breaking a 40 year impasse.

  2. He graduated from Dartmouth, an Ivy League school.

  3. Reflect on points 1 and 2 and consider this:  With his Ivy League education, Allen could have joined a prestigious law firm and cashed in big, but instead he chose to work to help the disadvantaged.  That speaks volumes about his character.   We need to clone this guy!

  4. He has come up to speed well on learning the issues which confront Chapel Hill.

  5. In candidate forums he comes across as very thoughtful and one who considers all sides of an issue before forming an opinion.

  6. He has been endorsed by the Sierra Club.

  7. He is not beholden to special interests such as developers.

  8. Allen is only 30 years old.  He'll be around a long time. 

  9. Although it's a school board issue [not an official Town Council issue], Allen can help close the achievement gap ... by serving as a role model/motivation for black students who are struggling academically.  Allen can help them by sharing his story of academic and professional success.  He can inspire them.


Please vote for Allen Buansi for Town Council in the 2017 Chapel Hill election.  I definitely will.


For more information, visit Allen's website:


-Ken Larsen


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